After much organizing, goal setting, and folder switching, I finally have everything in order for the piece (which has, rather suddenly, become a series) I have been working on for the better part of five years. This blog is designed for goal tracking, note keeping, and the general interest piquing of curious readers.

With each new post, I plan to include a small segment of what is, or has been written that day, a total word count with percentage of completion for both the entire series, and the particular book that is being worked on at that time.

I do have many-a-scene written, however, now that I have a bit of focus, I am working to put it all in order. Because of this, word counts and percentages will not include preexisting scene work, but actual completed chapters. I do hope you’ll stick around for the journey.

If you haven’t had the two hour detailing of what exactly The Noble Project is all about, please visit the About page, and perhaps even the Cast list as well.

Enjoy 🙂


About Frenchie Leigh

I am an avid writer of the romantically tragic, the fashionably brooding, and foolishly believing. Though my plot lines come to me through music, my writing style is most greatly influenced by my personal favourite authoresses: Julia Quinn and Eloisa James. View all posts by Frenchie Leigh

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