Oh Look! A milestone! (Pace Yourself)

Last night was an absolute writing frenzy. I blasted through over 3,100 words within a matter of a few hours and though I forgot to eat anything of nutritional value, I did have a bag of bite sized Milky Way bars by my side the entire time. They’re gone now. 🙂

During that time, I hit the 20% completion point! Now I know that there isn’t really any way to know exactly where the 20% mark is, as my target word count goal is just an estimate, but hey, it feels pretty stupendous nonetheless. Fractions also make things seem like a big deal. Like, “Hey, I’m 1/5 of the way through with The Book of Luke!” Haha, silly, I know.

While word count doesn’t matter too much in the means of the quality of a novel, there is something that I’ll admit to being apprehensive about and that is pacing. I’ve got a lot of confidence in my voice as an author, my character development, and my constantly twisting and turning plots. I do not have confidence in my pacing. So I’ve been taking cues from the masters. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone has been one of my most valuable resources during this process.

Now I recognize the fact that The Noble Project is a far cry from Harry Potter, but audience and genre aren’t important here, It’s pacing. After doing a little bit of general math (word count/300words = rough # of pages), I check how The Book of Luke is moving along, and flip through the pages of Harry Potter to see where I stand. I don’t want to rush the story, but I also have no intention of boring the crap out of my readers with a slow moving storyline. Thusfar, I’m doing alright.

I also use this process on my collection of Julia Quinn novels. While they are shorter and have much simpler plot lines, the pacing is pretty standard, and it’s always good to have a variety of things to test against. Something about The Scientific Method or something like that. 😛

With that said, let’s enjoy a little bit of asshattery from Aiden Jayson Finnegan: douchebag extraordinaire!


The moment was interrupted by Glendale who slammed a fist down on the counter, causing Luke to jump and turn away awkwardly. Aiden, however, leaned back.

“Your wife sends her regards,” he said casually.

Glendale’s breath caught in his throat and the trembling started up again. Luke watched the display over her shoulder.

“And my daughter?” he urged, “My Cassandra. She is well?”

“Very much so,” Aiden said, throwing his booted feet up onto the bar, “she visits with me frequently.”

He donned his feline grin.

With fervor.”

In a single swift movement, Glendale pulled a dagger from beneath the bar, but before he could even move to  come over the counter, Aiden had reached beneath his coat and in a flash, had one of his pistols nuzzled beneath the older man’s jaw.


But Glendale was losing his composure. “Yer not human, you ain’t.”

“I assure you I am,” Aiden replied calmly, “all too human.”

“You touch my daughter again, you rotting pile o’ shit, and I’ll–”

“You’ll what?” Aiden asked, standing slowly, and digging the gun’s barrel further into the bartender’s flesh, “My grievance with you has not yet been settled. You forget the debt which you owe me.”

Glendale’s upper lip curled. “My daughter is not your plaything. She’s just a girl.”

“Time has passed, Glendale,” Aiden taunted with a fierce grin, “Cassandra is a woman and has been for some time now.”

The dagger clattered to the ground and Glendale stepped away. Aiden re-aimed his pistol at his chest.

“Your wife is in a position of authority and your daughter is clad in silks and furs. There are worse positions for them to be in and you know it. Should you feel the need to divulge any more of my personal life to Miss Avery, I will send them there without delay.”

He had him. Glendale’s shoulders slumped and he turned away. Aiden shoved his gun back into the holster as Wentworth clambered down the stairs.

“Is Cassandra your mistress?” Luke asked quietly as she slipped off the stool. Wealthy gentlemen kept mistresses, from what she had heard.

“Cassandra,” Aiden replied, frowning as he pushed her forward, “is none of your business.”

Book of Luke completion progress: 20%

The Noble Project completion progress: 5%


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I am an avid writer of the romantically tragic, the fashionably brooding, and foolishly believing. Though my plot lines come to me through music, my writing style is most greatly influenced by my personal favourite authoresses: Julia Quinn and Eloisa James. View all posts by Frenchie Leigh

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