Alphabet Soup: A is for Aiden

Since we have ‘Mondays are for Music’, I wanted another scheduled post day, and liked the idea of doing something with the alphabet. Saturday nights, especially now that the cold weather is coming, are perfect for soup. So why not alphabet soup?

Today’s post is brought to you by the letter: A

To the surprise of no one, A is for Aiden and we’re going to talk a little bit about him using our ‘A’ words.

Aiden is an asshole. This is mostly because he was not considered an adequate heir by his father, and as a result, suffered an unforgivable amount of abuse. This was, of course, until he decided to feed the man arsenic.

During adolescence he discovered his affinity for animals as well as his attraction to the icy Marietta Grace. They entered into a passionate and reckless affaire and it was not long before the two became affianced. Love was not on his side, however, because she abandoned him at the altar and vanished without a trace.

Consumed by his rejection and anger, Aiden attempted to murder the king, and after a rather dramatic display of anarchy, also disappeared.

Having entered into the world of the criminal, he spends his days abducting young girls to sell at auction.  He is now traveling across the kingdom with his partner Wentworth and their captive Luke Avery. The attention he is receiving from the young female is at first aggravating and unwanted, but as time passes and their journey becomes filled with much more action and adventure than any of them had bargained for, he finds her friendship appealing.

As frustrations and loathing collide with vicious affection and amorous passion, Aiden finds he must make a choice between his life-long avarice, and appreciation for a woman who so foolishly loves him.

It is unfortunate really.


For Aiden Finnegan, happiness will never be attainable.


About Frenchie Leigh

I am an avid writer of the romantically tragic, the fashionably brooding, and foolishly believing. Though my plot lines come to me through music, my writing style is most greatly influenced by my personal favourite authoresses: Julia Quinn and Eloisa James. View all posts by Frenchie Leigh

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