Mondays are for Music: Track 03

For track three of the score, I’ll admit that we’re falling a little out of order here. Like I said before, this soundtrack came to be before TNP blossomed into an entire series, so this piece actually belongs exclusively to the second book (The Book of Aiden), but I had placed it at the beginning because it is the sound of a time passed.

This piece is another powerful choral piece, from Final Fantasy VIII (I absolutely adore the Final Fantasy series), Liberi Fatali.

Liberi Fatali, affectionately renamed Aiden on Trial, (yes, I have renamed all of these songs to fit my needs because I’m obsessive and a little bit psychotic), is a song for the courtroom, the sound of Aiden and Cale surrendering their friendship, their brotherhood, and declaring war against each other.

Guilt ridden for falling ill, Cale does a rather shoddy job of attempting to administer justice, while Aiden puts on a show of casual murder and fierce anarchy.

It’s a grand ol’ mess where the king strips our hero of both his fortune and his dukedom, and in turn, Aiden makes a point of being remembered, vanishing with a price on his head.

And so begins the hunt.


About Frenchie Leigh

I am an avid writer of the romantically tragic, the fashionably brooding, and foolishly believing. Though my plot lines come to me through music, my writing style is most greatly influenced by my personal favourite authoresses: Julia Quinn and Eloisa James. View all posts by Frenchie Leigh

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