What Does November Mean to You?

It’s the first of the month, which means rent is due, you’ll have another shot at earning employee of the month, retail workers need to be on their best behavior for the new secret shopper (“new month, new shop!” Boy am I glad to be done hearing that one), and you’ll want to stay as far away from Wal Mart as humanly possible.

But it isn’t just the first of the month. It’s November! And everyone knows that November is marathon month. Why they picked November I’ll never know. Why not March? Nothing exciting ever happens in March.

So what does this mean for you?

National Novel Writing Month

Perhaps you are a NaNo-er. You’ve spent all of October drafting outlines, researching worlds and scouring babynames.com for the perfect name to fit the characters in your new novel. Now it’s go-time! Take advantage of your sick days, drain yourself of your vacation days (the new year is almost upon us anyway) and get those words on paper, or processor.

As I’ve previously stated, I won’t be participating this year, but I support everyone who is! Are you? I’d love to hear about your new novel. If you’re tracking your process in a blog, leave me the link and I’ll be sure to keep tabs on you and whip you into shape every now and then. 🙂


Maybe you’re a gent. Maybe you’re a Mo Bro. If so, good for you! Movember is most definitely appropriately placed on the calendar, giving the men of the world a month to not only raise awareness for prostate cancer and other illnesses that target males, but to make up for all the pink they wore in October in support of Breast Cancer awareness.

Movember is one month where us ladies not fond of the mustaches our men grow (Mr. Frenchie’s beard is much nicer than his mustache), can put aside our distaste and sit there and say, “yeah honey! You grow that mustache!”

Movember is not to be confused with No Shave November. Movember is for your mustaches only! Be sure to click the logo above for information, statistics, and how to get involved. Documenting your ‘mo? Link me! I want to see them. 😀

This is what I look like when I don’t shave for a week.

NO SHAVE NOVEMBER! This is something we can all participate in! No Shave November is more about laziness and fun. And growing the greatest beard. While Noshember itself does not raise awareness for one specific cause, Noshemberers themselves are active in gathering funds and gathering fellow do good-ers.

I want to joke that I’ll toss my razor aside for the month and let my legs fluff out (It’s jeans and sweater tight weather! Who would know?), but Mr. Frenchie would undoubtedly come in and argue that it would be no different than any other month. 😦 That said, I’ll probably end up participating by accident. (Honestly, I spend most of the hot water dreaming up new scenes for The Noble Project.)

Are you forgoing shaving? Link me! I want to see beards and furry legs! I’ll even get a giggle out of your armpits ladies, when you look like something out of Jack Dawson’s sketchbook! 😀 Just please don’t document anything naughty. :3

I live for this guy

For me, November 1st means a lot of different things. First, a new month of word count, as depicted above. Seriously, I love that app. I’m hoping to exceed that 10k this month like I have for the past 3 (October finished with over 18k wohoo!) so I can keep myself ahead of schedule, start editing, and giving the first draft to other sets of eyes to point out my horrific typos and contradictions.

Secondly, it’s the month of… THANKSGIVING! Which means I will be at Target & JoAnn Fabrics at least twice a week gathering cute Turkey decor for my home. Additionally, I will be scouring various locations for clearance Halloween merch. It is also the month of Black Friday which is something I am not sure I am participating in or not. The Christmas gifts I’m giving are mostly handmade, so aside from Merlo & Mr. Frenchie, I don’t have much shopping to do.

Third, I’ve got to make and send out invitations to our annual Christmas Party! That’s always a fun time, but I don’t even have ideas yet.

Also, it’s the month of Aiden’s birthday! It’s Nov. 7th, and if he were around today, he would be turning Two Hundred Fifty-Seven. The absolute epitome of miserable old man. In his world, he’ll be Twenty-Nine, though when TNP begins, his birthday has already passed because Luke is already freaking out about  her excitement for Christmas. I don’t think he could handle the attention she would shower him with if she were to be with them to celebrate his birthday.

Maybe next year, for the big 3-0 haha

In honor of marathon month, I’m going to leave you all with a wallpaper I made up for The Noble Project because working on it felt like a marathon. I really enjoy digital painting, even if I haven’t quite grasped it (in school I avoided all of my 2-D classes. Therein lies the problem), but every now and then I break out the tablet and play around in photoshop to improve my skills.

Enjoy! Click for downloadable size. Resolution 1280×800

That smirk is trouble.


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