Mondays are For Music: Track 06

I know I didn’t get around to Alphabet Soup on Saturday night, so to make up for that, I’ll do two letters this coming Saturday. 🙂
The track we have for today is from my favorite anime series Wolf’s Rain. Again, like everything else I love, the score is just phenomenal.

This piece, My Little Flower (re-named A Bath) is a gentle piece, delicate and romantic, set to Aiden & Luke’s first kiss. Now, just because this scene happens to be soft and tender, let’s not lose ourselves and think they will have a healthy relationship in any way.

They will, however, have times when they are at peace with themselves and with each other, giving way to scenes with very little bloodshed and scathing words. This happens to be one of them. 🙂


About Frenchie Leigh

I am an avid writer of the romantically tragic, the fashionably brooding, and foolishly believing. Though my plot lines come to me through music, my writing style is most greatly influenced by my personal favourite authoresses: Julia Quinn and Eloisa James. View all posts by Frenchie Leigh

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