People often ask me what this series is about, and I always reply jokingly, “Do you have two hours?”

They laugh, and then exactly two hours later, they know the story of The Noble Project. It’s just because I’m horrible at summarizing.

The Noble Project is, in short, a tale of deception and greed, set in an unpredictable world featuring characters that are just barely functioning members of society. Though riddled with fairy tale themes and references, I can not guarantee a happy ending, and it is rather doubtful that our heroine will be singing alongside woodland animals.

Obsession and jealously propel one half of our story forward, while the other is shoved along by guilt and regret. Kidnappings and gunfights ensue, love may or may not happen for all the wrong reasons, and by the end of the deadliest case of Stockholm Syndrome to ever come forth from my mind, we aren’t sure if anyone has actually made any progress in their lives.

Books to be included in the series:

The Book of Luke

The Book of Aiden

The Book of Cale



What say you?

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