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Writing Prompts Take 01

I got a writing prompt app on my phone today that truthfully I’ll probably only use once or twice, but it was an impulse buy and it could lead to more fun, or possible give me that kick in the ass when I need to get a move on writing anything.

The first part of the prompt already coincided with an upcoming scene, so with 3 minutes between each new instruction, I rolled with it. 🙂

Start writing a story scene that..
Has a character who receives a mysterious message

Luke sat at the dining table feeling rather triumphant. The shooting lesson had gone as best it could (she was really a terrible shot), and now there was stew before her. It was getting a bit warm for stew, but cook had made it upon her request, and she was happy.

A footman appeared at the table then, bowing to her and handing her a folded card before excusing himself. Ever watchful, Aiden looked on curiously, but Wentworth was, as usual, engrossed in the evening’s news.

Surprised that any sort of note had come for her, Luke wiggled her shoulders and flipped it open.

    You are sadly mistaken, my darling.

Taken aback, she set the card down.

Include this sentence: “She was so forgetful that…”

“What does it say?”

Wentworth lowered his paper then, glancing at the furrowed brow of Aiden and the slightly ashen face of the girl directly across from him.

“Is something the matter, Miss Avery?”

“Who sent this?”

Aiden began to rise to grab the missive from her, but Luke was faster. Her panic, however, set her mind at a distinct unease. She was so forgetful, that she failed to push her chair out before she rose, and her crinolines resisted the movement, shoving her back into her seat, her bare elbow smashing against the gilded wood of the arm.

Include a dialogue that begins with: “I’ll tell you the secret”

Hissing in pain, she clutched her elbow as Aiden reached forth and snatched up the note. He read it and his mouth turned down.

“What does it say?” Wentworth asked, pushing his newspaper aside and resting his own elbows on the tabletop.

Aiden turned it over in his hands and cleared his throat, announcing, “You are sadly mistaken, my darling.”

Luke nibbled on her lip, and the blonde banged his fist against the table. “What the devil does that mean?”

“I’ll tell you the secret of the Infection if you could tell me that,” Aiden snapped in return, tossing the paper into his wineglass and watching the liquid soak itself hungrily into the paper.

Add this word: boots

“Well I, for one, am not about to stand around waiting,” Luke declared, remembering to push back her chair, and lifting herself safely out of it, “Let’s get to the bottom of this prank.”

“It isn’t a prank.”

Both Luke and Wentworth turned their eyes to Aiden in question and he sighed, looking over at his partner. “Fly, you and I both know this. We’ve all received them now.”

Shoving a hand on her hip, Luke stomped her foot, wincing slightly. These boots were new and not yet broken in. “You’ve been keeping things from me?”

Add this word: island

Aiden shrugged. “We keep many things from you.”

“Well I think I ought to know if we’re all getting nasty letters at the dinner table!”

“It’s far better if you don’t,” he told her, doing his best to keep his irritation at bay. She opened her mouth to protest again, but he leveled his gaze, “Consider it your own blissful island of ignorance.”

She cocked her head, but didn’t break eye contact and he groaned inwardly. There’d be no stopping her now.

“I’m not very ignorant of it now then, am I? Nearly getting eaten up by cannibals in the library, no less.”

He rubbed his forehead, sighing. “Yes well, I suppose we hadn’t considered there’d be a connection until now.”


Alphabet Soup: Twice Brewed

Oops! I forgot about Alphabet soup last week. That’s because Mr. Frenchie and I were in the kitchen having a hobby night. 🙂 (we make candles! It’s super fun!) Tonight I will give you two letters and we’ll see if I can come up with any clever alliterations. We’ll see.

E is for excitement[!]

There is a lot of energy in this series and it comes at us from all angles. Between Aiden’s evasive maneuvers when it comes to Cale, and the exasperating eagerness of Miss Avery to allow her new world to engulf her, our hero and heroine are responsible for a great deal of it. It doesn’t help much that they find themselves entangled in a series of rather bizarre eventsenraging Aiden, and even bringing forth Wentworth’s ever elusive inner demons. Envy becomes a key point in our story, frequently threatening the very existence of all three. Once at ease, they now sleep with one eye open, preparing for the next bloody encounter.

On the other side of the land, empathy for Isabella Avery ensnares our good king and he returns to being the epitome of hopeless romantic, all the while entertaining Philip’s desires for returning his daughter safely. He becomes riddled with euphoria for his newfound paramour, but quickly learns the effects his love has on his bride, enabling a cruel and bitter end.

F is for Fletcher

With his ever present frown and furrowed brows, Aiden’s valet is a lot more fun than I imagined. He has served the Finnegan family for more than four decades, and his age is nearly twice the years he has attended them. Though he is often frosty and rigid in his ways, he has a fondness for Luke, who intendeds to fix Aiden. His appearance is that of a frail old man, though he is anything but. Deducing liars is his forte, (a great asset to his master, who is often too busy to deal with peons), but should a fight ensue, he is well trained in firearms, possessing a finesse much like Aiden’s and enabling him to fend for himself and the freight that they are moving should the situation call for it.

Fletcher does not take kindly to fools, and he counts Wentworth among such beings. He has little use for fanciful adornments and flamboyant clothing, but when one tends to the person that is Aiden Finnegan, this is expected. He is one of the few people alive that knows all of Aiden’s frightening past and faces it head on when his master can not. He is loyal to a fault, but does facilitate Luke’s efforts because he honestly believes that Aiden does deserve a fraction of happiness, even when the rest of the world disagrees.

Alphabet Soup: D is for Deception

Week four. The D word. Deception is one of my favourite topics because it is made of lies. Lies are messy and messy makes for pretty stories. Much like tuberculosis and trigger happy douchebags, however, deception is best kept in the fiction realm where it can’t actually hurt anybody.

Entangled in the web of lies that is The Noble Project, is just about every character. Luke, always the most obvious, allows her dreams to lead her to believe what Aiden & Wentworth have to say. Isabella is lost to her own delusions, Aiden lives in denial, Wentworth disguises himself in order to better serve his own desires, and Cale is so desperate to right his wrongs, that he doesn’t see where his attention has been diverted. Xander, of course, is the guru, the Don of deception, dishonest, and pulls off the most masterfully executed double-crossing any of these characters have ever seen. Delicious. 🙂

That was a difficult letter. Eh.

On a different note, the Frankenstorm is headed my way and should be arriving on Tuesday. Hopefully it won’t be so bad and I’ll be able to keep all of my internet access. If not, I’ll see you when it comes back. As far as I know, Monday’s post will be on schedule. 😀

Alphabet Soup: C is for Cale

Huzzah! Week three of Alphabet soup and I finally get to talk about Cale! We haven’t seen all too much of him because he doesn’t make an official appearance until The Book of Aiden, but he does cause a lot of rifts and is responsible for a lot of undertones at the point we are at now.

So here we go. Now you’ll see why my favourite King has an entire book dedicated to him.

Cale and Aiden were childhood friends and shared a companionship like no other. Compassion and chivalry are his creed, and he was most often found comforting his bruised and battered friend. Cale had little desire to claim the throne, his one and only desire being to capture the heart of a yong lady and fall deeply in love with her, have many children, and carry on happily ever after.

Fate is a cruel mistress, however, and just after he took up the throne, the young king caught a most unfortunate disease to which a cure has not yet been found.

Angered by Cale’s forced abandonment, Aiden attempted to murder his friend, completing the cycle of loss, but was unsuccessful. Bound by law, the king was forced to try the duke before the court, condemning him to life as a commoner, all the while praying that he would not choose imprisonment.

When Aiden brought chaos and catastrophe to the room, escaping and leaving Cale looking like an incompetent clown, the king committed his life to catching the man he had once called brother.

As the years wear on and his condition worsens, Cale cuts his dreams of love, concentrating on his hunt that nears ten years. When Isabella Avery crosses his path, confessing her love for him, and her husband offers clues to the whereabouts of the Black Duke in exchange for royal cooperation in finding his missing daughter, the king begins to discover how many lives are connected to this fierce drama.

Using Isabella as collateral, he begins a kingdom wide chase to bring down a notorious criminal, and return his captive to her family.

But Cale’s contact is corrupt, and in keeping with his character, anything involving Aiden Finnegan is very…


Alphabet Soup: A is for Aiden

Since we have ‘Mondays are for Music’, I wanted another scheduled post day, and liked the idea of doing something with the alphabet. Saturday nights, especially now that the cold weather is coming, are perfect for soup. So why not alphabet soup?

Today’s post is brought to you by the letter: A

To the surprise of no one, A is for Aiden and we’re going to talk a little bit about him using our ‘A’ words.

Aiden is an asshole. This is mostly because he was not considered an adequate heir by his father, and as a result, suffered an unforgivable amount of abuse. This was, of course, until he decided to feed the man arsenic.

During adolescence he discovered his affinity for animals as well as his attraction to the icy Marietta Grace. They entered into a passionate and reckless affaire and it was not long before the two became affianced. Love was not on his side, however, because she abandoned him at the altar and vanished without a trace.

Consumed by his rejection and anger, Aiden attempted to murder the king, and after a rather dramatic display of anarchy, also disappeared.

Having entered into the world of the criminal, he spends his days abducting young girls to sell at auction.  He is now traveling across the kingdom with his partner Wentworth and their captive Luke Avery. The attention he is receiving from the young female is at first aggravating and unwanted, but as time passes and their journey becomes filled with much more action and adventure than any of them had bargained for, he finds her friendship appealing.

As frustrations and loathing collide with vicious affection and amorous passion, Aiden finds he must make a choice between his life-long avarice, and appreciation for a woman who so foolishly loves him.

It is unfortunate really.


For Aiden Finnegan, happiness will never be attainable.

Character Association

Sometimes it is little exercises that can be the most inspiring. Because I spent most of my night preparing my Newsletter (!!) forms, I give to you, dear readers, a bit of word association for each of the main, or frequently seen characters. Just for fun. 🙂

Luke Simon Avery: Fairy tales, Christmas, ale

Aiden Jayson Finnegan: Piano keys, reins, murder

Wentworth Maurice Goldsbury Simon: Circus, women, tea

Xander: gentlemanice, wolf

Cale Jonathan Rutherford: guilt, cough, ghost

Marietta Grace: ink, filigree, feline

Philip Michael Avery: force, poverty, man

Isabella Henrietta Avery-Rutherford: giggle, pleasantries, flight

Tommy: whisper, serenity, mustache

Time to turn off my Jewel Pandora station and hit the hay.

Character Inspiration: Aiden Finnegan

For me, little things inspire the creation of a character. I am the type of writer who does not sit around bouncing around ideas, they just come to me. I have control over the words I use to tell the story, but the story itself.. well, it really forms itself.

The same is true for characters. If ever I said, “I need a love interest for my hero”, I would sit around for days coming up with all these female characters that I have absolutely no attachment to. Why? I couldn’t tell you. What I can tell you though, is the ones that simply pop up are always the ones that stay.

Characters popping up into my mind do have a beginning, or at least I think they do. Most of them do.

For Aiden, it was my Western Literature course. We had just read Much Ado About Nothing, and I’ll admit I had no idea what had gone on. I don’t do well with Shakespeare unless it’s on the stage or in film. I really enjoy his characters and plots, but the language I just can’t get. The modern “translated” versions of his work are just lame, so I opt for a visual experience.

Luckily for me, we were watching the 1993 Kenneth Branagh film in class one day because my professor thinks the way I do. He knew we didn’t get it. Also, because I can’t just sit there and watch a movie, I pulled out my notebook and started to do some doodling.

The movie is progressing and I’m growing pretty fond of Don John and his brooding misery and then I looked down at what I had drawn only to find a stylized depiction of Keanu Reeves as Don John with a little bit sharper features, and much more emotion of a scowl on his face. In cursive, as some sort of a signature, I assume, I had written ‘Aiden Jayson Finnegan’.

And then he was born. Inspired by Keanu Reeves.

I sometimes forget, or maybe repress Aiden’s origins. I mean, he played a good stoic jerk, but Mr. Reeves isn’t exactly the most badass of fellows.

So. Now that I have a new character, naturally his story is coming forth, Luke and Wentworth joined him within twenty minutes, and I began my greatest writing adventure yet.