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Alphabet Soup: I is for Isabella

I’ve been waiting a while for this letter because I knew exactly what I was going to choose. I just love letters that focus around a specific character because not only are the easy to write up, but because there are so many of them, it’s fun to focus on just one for a little while and give poor Aiden a break.

I is for Isabella

Isabella Avery, more affectionately referred to as Izzy, is, quite frankly, absolutely insane. Infected with the madness, she lives her life in an imaginary world where she thinks herself to be a woman of peerage. Always impeccably dressed, and immaculate in idiom, she wasn’t always crazy.

At what some might consider an immature age, she married her childhood friend, Philip, an illusion of love, in order to inhibit their world’s execution of him for his homosexuality. Though impoverished, the family lived happily until she fell under the influence of the madness.

Now fully convinced that Cale is her intended, she is completely intoxicated by her infatuation with the king, knowing nothing of his illness. After Philip visits imploring her to help him retrieve their missing daughter, she does what everyone had imagined to be impossible. Thought to be socially incompetent, Isabella defies what everyone has believed of her, bringing peace to the injured heart of her king, and inadvertently acting as an instrument leverage for her husband in his search for Luke, as well as Cale’s own inquest to bring down The Black Duke.


Alphabet Soup: Gabrielle & Hope

I missed last week’s Alphabet Soup and though I’m trying not to make it a habit, I’ll admit I had to force myself to put down the ribbon and the hole-punch and the measuring tape in order to sit down and write this one up. I’m not lacking inspiration by any stretch of the imagination, It’s just… CHRISTMAS TIME! I’m a huge DIYer too, so I’m already cranking out fancy wrappings for gifts and even made myself a cute couple of buntings from last year’s cards. 🙂

Okay okay enough jabbering from me. Have some letters and words! 😀

G is for Gabrielle

Initially I’ll admit that  Gabrielle was only supposed to be a grim memory that served as meeting ground for Aiden and Marietta. Like all things in Frenchie fiction, she grew into something greater and will be a gigantic part of The Book of Aiden. Gabrielle is Aiden’s sister, twelve years his senior, and acts as his guardian against their father’s ghastly methods of punishment. She finds love in the form of a gentleman named Micah St. Lawrence, and together they do their best to give her young brother the gaiety that every child deserves.

Having married at a girlish age, when Micah takes ill and passes on, she is unable to cope with her grief and, after a cryptic goodbye to Aiden, gives up her own life, leaping from the granite tower into the gardens below.

It was gruesome.

H is for Hope

Hope is something that hardly honours us with its presence, at least not in the traditional sense. There is a high price to pay for any bit of it here, what with the hierarchy headed by the hated and the hesitant. All is not lost, however, because despite our hero’s haughty determination to live his life in miserable contentment, he (rather reluctantly) finds happiness in our heroine. I wonder though, if past heartbreaks such as his can be healed.

Alphabet Soup: D is for Deception

Week four. The D word. Deception is one of my favourite topics because it is made of lies. Lies are messy and messy makes for pretty stories. Much like tuberculosis and trigger happy douchebags, however, deception is best kept in the fiction realm where it can’t actually hurt anybody.

Entangled in the web of lies that is The Noble Project, is just about every character. Luke, always the most obvious, allows her dreams to lead her to believe what Aiden & Wentworth have to say. Isabella is lost to her own delusions, Aiden lives in denial, Wentworth disguises himself in order to better serve his own desires, and Cale is so desperate to right his wrongs, that he doesn’t see where his attention has been diverted. Xander, of course, is the guru, the Don of deception, dishonest, and pulls off the most masterfully executed double-crossing any of these characters have ever seen. Delicious. 🙂

That was a difficult letter. Eh.

On a different note, the Frankenstorm is headed my way and should be arriving on Tuesday. Hopefully it won’t be so bad and I’ll be able to keep all of my internet access. If not, I’ll see you when it comes back. As far as I know, Monday’s post will be on schedule. 😀

Alphabet Soup: C is for Cale

Huzzah! Week three of Alphabet soup and I finally get to talk about Cale! We haven’t seen all too much of him because he doesn’t make an official appearance until The Book of Aiden, but he does cause a lot of rifts and is responsible for a lot of undertones at the point we are at now.

So here we go. Now you’ll see why my favourite King has an entire book dedicated to him.

Cale and Aiden were childhood friends and shared a companionship like no other. Compassion and chivalry are his creed, and he was most often found comforting his bruised and battered friend. Cale had little desire to claim the throne, his one and only desire being to capture the heart of a yong lady and fall deeply in love with her, have many children, and carry on happily ever after.

Fate is a cruel mistress, however, and just after he took up the throne, the young king caught a most unfortunate disease to which a cure has not yet been found.

Angered by Cale’s forced abandonment, Aiden attempted to murder his friend, completing the cycle of loss, but was unsuccessful. Bound by law, the king was forced to try the duke before the court, condemning him to life as a commoner, all the while praying that he would not choose imprisonment.

When Aiden brought chaos and catastrophe to the room, escaping and leaving Cale looking like an incompetent clown, the king committed his life to catching the man he had once called brother.

As the years wear on and his condition worsens, Cale cuts his dreams of love, concentrating on his hunt that nears ten years. When Isabella Avery crosses his path, confessing her love for him, and her husband offers clues to the whereabouts of the Black Duke in exchange for royal cooperation in finding his missing daughter, the king begins to discover how many lives are connected to this fierce drama.

Using Isabella as collateral, he begins a kingdom wide chase to bring down a notorious criminal, and return his captive to her family.

But Cale’s contact is corrupt, and in keeping with his character, anything involving Aiden Finnegan is very…


Alphabet Soup: B is for Bold

This week, our letter is B and we’re going to talk about the boldness of our main three. I would say that this a personality trait that they all share, but in their own ways.

Aiden: Despite the fact that he is a wanted fugitive, he is hardly shy. Bordering on insanity, his barbaric methods of dealing with people who prove to be bothersome to him are bloodcurdling at best. He is quick to bark orders at those below him (everyone) and in conversation is unabashedly blunt and boorish.

Luke: Because of her near beggarly upbringing, she has very little knowledge of good breeding, and how a proper lady might behave. She takes cues from her books, but has a habit of butting in where she isn’t welcome, and blurting out the thoughts that anyone with a shred of class would know enough to keep to themselves.

Wentworth: Brazen in words and bright in dress, Wentworth is perhaps the boldest of the trio. Bashfulness is not an emotion he has ever known, beguiling every beautiful woman from brothel girl to baroness. His jokes are often bawdy and blithe, and never belittling. Entertainment is in everyone’s best interest, after all.

Snooping Around

Luke Avery is a troublemaker. She doesn’t mean to be, she is just curious. Curiosity often leads her to trouble but there’s just no getting around that with her. Naturally, with Mr. Espott having fed her the piece about Aiden’s long lost love, she just can’t help herself. She needs to know.

She can’t ask Aiden. She’s only know him for a little over a week and she’s seen him pull a gun on about twelve people. It’s unlikely he’d be willing to share his dark secrets with her.

And then there is Wentworth. He’s always rather cheery and open with her, so she decides to see what he can teach her.

When they arrived at the main foyer again, Luke held back slightly. “Mr. Simon, may I ask you something?”

He turned to her with a cheeky look of curiosity. “Anything my dear.”

She took a breath and glanced up at the giant portrait of a woman she didn’t know. “What can you tell me about Marietta Grace?”

For the first time in his career, Wentworth paled and found himself rooted to the ground. There wasn’t a single witty retort he could come up with. With labored breath, he swallowed.

“How do you know about Marietta Grace?” he whispered, his hand coming up around her upper arm and squeezing tightly, “What do you know?”

Luke could sense his fear and she knew he wouldn’t speak on the matter. This issue was taboo, she was now discovering and even though Wentworth was playing friend, he would not confide in her.

“I know that Mr. Finnegan was in love with her,” she replied quietly, not taking her eyes from the painting of what looked to have once been the lady of the house, “and that she did something terrible.”

“Keep your curiosity at bay,” he warned, removing his hand from her arm. With a nervous laugh, his checked his timepiece. “Goodness! It’s late. I’ve some affairs to tend to, Miss Avery. You should entertain yourself for a while. Perhaps you might enjoy the conservatory at this hour.”

Eh, well, not much luck there. It’s too bad for both Aiden and Wentworth that he wasn’t able to conjure up a quick dismissive story. Being taken by surprise will do that to a person, I suppose. This is where the story starts getting complicated for all involved. The more truth that Luke knows, the more difficult it will be for the pair of con men to do their job productively. But otherwise we wouldn’t have much of a story, would we?

Now because she wasn’t able to obtain the information she wanted by asking, Luke decides to do something a little risky. Wentworth did tell her to entertain herself for a while, didn’t he?

So what better way to keep busy than to search Aiden’s personal belongings?

With a light hop, she dashed back to lock her door, then threw open the one that connected the two rooms. Heart pounding, she stepped inside. She’d never been inside a man’s bedchamber before and even she knew the social repercussions to be had if she were caught.

She walked slowly, taking in all of the dark woods and masculine fabrics. The door locked with a definitive click and she turned, scanning the room for something, anything that might help her.

There wasn’t much.

Everything was in its place. His clothes had been put away into the wardrobe, the vanity was arranged perfectly, waiting patiently to prepare a gentleman for dinner. Drumming her fingers against her cheek, Luke pursed her lips.

And then she saw them.

Tucked away in a corner, stacked in a pile, were three bags. They hadn’t been touched and they hadn’t been unpacked. Of course they hadn’t. She recognized those bags. Aiden had fitted Jeremiah with them on a few occasions and they had sat, just as they did now, in the corner of the room in Glendale’s tavern.

Hurrying over to the corner, Luke grabbed the canvas and pulled, hauling them across the floor. She tossed them up onto the bed, clambering up to follow, and after rubbing her hands together in anticipation, she dug in.

The first was boring. Clothes, mostly. They hadn’t been placed in the wardrobe and she imagined this was an emergency bag. He was a dangerous sort of man, so naturally he would have to be prepared for things to go sour. Her heart fluttered at this. He had probably been on many adventures in places she only dreamed of.

The second was filled with maps and tools used for making them. There was one pocket filled entirely with money, more money than Luke had ever seen at one time. Another was filled with ink and parchment, some of which had halfway finished compositions written on them. So he played the piano.

He wrote music.

The third bag was smaller and held his personal items. She found the idea of Aiden even having anything he held dear to him strange, and these were the things she was most interested in. She puled it closer to her, reaching in and first pulled out four miniatures.

The first miniature was of a man whom she didn’t recognize. The second, a beautiful woman who resembled Aiden. Turning it over, she found no date, name, or other marking. Was this his mother?

Setting that aside, she picked up the third and was shocked and tickled to find that it was of the king. He had  been much younger then, probably about the age she was now. He was a handsome man, with kind eyes and a bright smile that suggested the zeal he had for his life. Seeing this, Luke’s heart grew heavy. She doubted he possessed that smile now. From what she had heard, his illness had robbed so much of his strength that he was pushed around in a wheeled chair to keep from fainting.

These musings led her to thoughts of her mother, Isabella, who wasn’t dying, but had become something completely unlike herself.

Shaking solemn thoughts from her mind, she reached for the last miniature and wasn’t at all taken by surprise.


There she was, in all of her glory. It wasn’t a portrait like the others, no. This was so typical of Aiden. It was a nude, but it was painted with such class and beauty that it took Luke’s breath away. This what was what a real lady looked like.

Feeling slightly discouraged, she reached in the bag for other things Aiden carried.


The envelopes were unaddressed, and the seal was broken, denoting that Aiden had already read them. Carefully, Luke slipped one from the envelope and unfolded it. The paper was faded, and the creases were so thin, it was clear that he made a habit of reading them frequently.

For years.

They were love letters, sent to him from his dearest Marietta. They were filled with jokes, news, gossip, sweet nothings, and occasional hints of something slightly filthy.

“So this was Marietta Grace,” she whispered, reading each one carefully. Never, not in any of the words gracefully painted on the page did she make mention of unhappiness or distress. She wanted him as badly as he was in love with her. There were no notes of his cruelness, nothing stating that he had a vicious temper or had made her feel less than him in any way.

Aiden had been wronged here. If nothing else, Luke believed this.

Being the romantic that she is, she’s putting together a story in her mind that may hold very little truth, and out of pity, we will start to see her fascination with the dark Aiden Finnegan start to become something more akin to sympathetic affection.

No good will come of this. 🙂

Book of Luke completion progress: 23%

The Noble Project completion progress: 6%

Alphabet Soup: A is for Aiden

Since we have ‘Mondays are for Music’, I wanted another scheduled post day, and liked the idea of doing something with the alphabet. Saturday nights, especially now that the cold weather is coming, are perfect for soup. So why not alphabet soup?

Today’s post is brought to you by the letter: A

To the surprise of no one, A is for Aiden and we’re going to talk a little bit about him using our ‘A’ words.

Aiden is an asshole. This is mostly because he was not considered an adequate heir by his father, and as a result, suffered an unforgivable amount of abuse. This was, of course, until he decided to feed the man arsenic.

During adolescence he discovered his affinity for animals as well as his attraction to the icy Marietta Grace. They entered into a passionate and reckless affaire and it was not long before the two became affianced. Love was not on his side, however, because she abandoned him at the altar and vanished without a trace.

Consumed by his rejection and anger, Aiden attempted to murder the king, and after a rather dramatic display of anarchy, also disappeared.

Having entered into the world of the criminal, he spends his days abducting young girls to sell at auction.  He is now traveling across the kingdom with his partner Wentworth and their captive Luke Avery. The attention he is receiving from the young female is at first aggravating and unwanted, but as time passes and their journey becomes filled with much more action and adventure than any of them had bargained for, he finds her friendship appealing.

As frustrations and loathing collide with vicious affection and amorous passion, Aiden finds he must make a choice between his life-long avarice, and appreciation for a woman who so foolishly loves him.

It is unfortunate really.


For Aiden Finnegan, happiness will never be attainable.