The cast of The Noble Project

Luke Simon Avery: Our heroine (if that’s what you want to call her) is a cheerful, naive young woman who is convinced that fairy tales can come true. She is fiercely (oftentimes bordering on foolishly) loyal to those she cares for, and does not care much for social propriety.

Aiden Jayson Finnegan: Our hero antihero. Fallen from a position of nobility after a bit of treason, Aiden is haunted by his inability to cope with the abandonment he has suffered throughout his life. Often cold, cruel, and unforgiving, he works swiftly, and efficiently, doing only what is in his own best interest.

Wentworth Maurice Goldsbury Simon: Aiden’s morally ambiguous partner and fellow conman, Wentworth has slithered his merry way up in society through gambling and underhanded tricks. Because of his friendly and comedic nature, he is easily trusted–a particularly useful talent with the ladies.

Xander: Leader of the underground city and the only superior to Aiden & Wentworth. Little is known about his personal life.

Cale Jonathan Rutherford: King of the world in which our story takes place. His past connection to Aiden and the choices he has made consume him, filling his mind with guilt and self-loathing. He is dying, and has given up all hopes for his own future, filling his time trying to track down Aiden, though whether to bring him to justice, or find a way to pardon him depends strongly on where his memories take him that day.

Fletcher: Aiden’s valet. Teetering somewhere between seventy-nine and eighty-one, Fletcher is proper, patient, and perhaps Aiden’s greatest asset. He is a skilled shooter, a master interrogator, and knows every single one of Aiden’s secrets. Despite his generally stiff and cold nature, he finds humor in Luke Avery and oftentimes aids her in mischief making.

Francesca: Luke Avery’s maid. She doesn’t like her mistress, or the fact that she has to pretend the girl is anything special. She holds the relationship between Aiden and Luke in the greatest distaste, but after being put in her place by Fletcher, holds up the facade as any professional would.

Marietta Grace: Fianceé to Aiden. She has been missing for ten years and is the root of his rage.

Philip Michael Avery: Luke Avery’s father. He is a devoted parent, and takes extreme measures to find his daughter.

Isabella Henrietta Avery-Rutherford: Philip’s wife who has delusions of being engaged (or married) to Cale. She lives separate from Philip, and plays out her fantasies away from the general population.

Tommy: Philip’s lover and caretaker of Isabella.

Meredith Sophia Rutherford: Cale’s first cousin and closest companion. She takes it upon herself to act as caretaker to the king, praying he will regain his health so her carefree philanderer of a brother won’t inherit the throne.

Lady Gabrielle Marie Finnegan/St. Lawrence: Aiden’s sister and mother figure.

Lord Micah St. Lawrence: Gabrielle’s husband, and father figure to a young Aiden.

The Infection: an unknown force, carried by unknown hosts that inflict illness, madness, and death upon the kingdom at will. Motives are unclear and there are no specific patterns in which its members work.


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